Sitting atop a hill 26km northeast of Porec lays a town so picturesque, that entering without a camera should be considered a crime. The medieval town of Groznjan, once a Venetian Republic still attracts painters, sculptors and musicians that live and work amongst the beautiful cobbled streets and old ruined buildings. Buy yourself a gelato (yes, Italian is the most used language within the walls of Groznjan); get lost wandering the enchanting streets and visiting the countless art galleries that can be found throughout the town. Located only 15km from the seaside, Groznjan is an ideal day-trip for those looking to explore mainland Istria. The surroundings also offer visitors’ wonderful scenic walks and plenty cycling routes with breathtaking views of the Istrian countryside, and the Adriatic Sea in the distance. Today Groznjan attracts young musicians from all over the world. The International Cultural Centre of Young Musicians resides here and walking over the cobbled streets around the town you can here young talents practicing.