Dubravka Sparozic

Dubravka Sparoziz - ArtistriaDubravka lives and works in Kraljevica, Croatia. She plays with different materials transforming them into quite extraordinary shapes creating wonderful orgonites. She also enjoys painting…..

Dubravka’s Statement

My whole life I have endevoured to preserve the childlike spark, to develop it and to spread it to the people around me. Led by that unquenching thirst for knowledge I have entered the world of energies and have been captivated by the multitude of forms in which energy can manifest its beauty and strength. The biggest part of it is hidden away from plain sight but that doesn’t make it any less real. The energy that surrounds us has many names, depending on the story of the culture it stems from. They call it prana, chi, aether…and orgon. Orgonites are devices that use the negative energy from the environment and transform it into positive energy. The synergistic joining of metal fillings, crystals and resin, shaped into forms of different colors and shapes provides us with devices that through it’s subtle effects enhance the quality of our lives and are also at the same time an unique addition to our character. Painting – my other passion came to me riding on the waves of purified energies, quite literally as an explosion of creativity, happiness and joy. I draw that which makes me happy, that which surrounds me and I always strive to find the spark that represents the beauty of the world we live in.

I hope that you will feel a small part of the sparkling energies I put in my work.