Marija Volkmer

Marija VolkmerMarija was born in 1982 in Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina. She graduated in 2007 at the Academy of the Applied Arts in Rijeka, Croatia and later became the fine art professor at the Academy.

She exhibits at the art events in Rijeka and Istria region. In 2010 she was awarded at the exhibition Tempore Volosko.  She is a member of Croatian Association of Artists Some of her work is exhibited in a gastro library in Rovinj. Visit Fritula on Facebook.

Marija developed her unique style combining the acrylics and threads enhancing the work’s texture. She started with a great interest in the human forms and anatomy. Later she discovered abstract art where she continues to create extraordinary artworks. Her dissertation in abstract art was the work on the grand scale. The combination of five large canvases (200×200 cm) painted with acrylics, threads and the pieces of paper finally affirmed Marija as an abstract artist and the judging panel described it as a ‘step ahead’ from all previous exhibitions.

In her work, Marija uses acrylics often in combination with threads, mixed with lively colours. She puts a great emphasis on maintaining some sort of order, hence often there are squares and other geometrical forms.


2013 – 46th Grisia Fine Art Exhibiiton, Rovinj, Croatia

2013 – Public Exhibition ‘Niti (Threads)’ at Cukar & Kafe, Rijeka, Croatia

2008 – Public Exhibition at  the Library Novi Vinodolski, Croatia


2010 – Exhibition Tempore Volosko, Croatia – 2nd place

2007 – Exhibition Tempore ‘Bore starog Mandraca’, Lovran, Croatia – 3rd place