Hawks Two

By Ida Musemic

Limited Edition (L.E.) fine art print / 10

Size: 30”x40”

Art Paper: The Hahnemuhle William Turner 310gsm

Art Media: Hahnemuhle Mould-made Inkjet (100% Rag) William Turner, a single side coated, traditional fine art media. The surface inkjet coating is a special matte coating, designed for high-quality digital fine art reproduction and print applications on inkjet plotters and printers. The printed side of this paper has been specially coated to offer excellent image sharpness, and optimal color gradation while still offering the aesthetic qualities attributed to Traditional Fine Art Papers. The coating also offers a very high level of water resistance.

Inks: The images are printed using archival inks. The color longevity is quite remarkable: 80+ years. The paper and final prints are handled with cotton gloves to protect them from fingerprints.

All images are also available in 16″ x 20″ limited to that series’ edition size.

Price: £1315

Enquire about this Artwork

Pickup Location: Croatia

A handling fee of £15 is included in the cost of artwork

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